Binary interceptor Scam

Here we go again, another binary options software, but this one is through the Binary interceptor and is called the Equinox Trading Software. It actually sounds interesting but still plenty of shady marketing surrounding it for me to trust 100%. Currently offered as a focus group, following the initial Focus Group in 2014 which they claim was a success, the website continues to make a number of other interesting claims.

Still, regardless how great it sounds, it is a binary options trading system. This means there is a minimum deposit, and there is also always a chance of losing your investment. Regardless of the percent they claim, you are taking a risk.

What is the Binary interceptor?

Anyone that becomes a member of this year’s Binary interceptor will have full access to the Equinox software for free. Mind you, this doesn’t mean you do not make an initial investment. They claim that this has been a well-guarded secret for over 10 years except for in 2014 when they had another focus group for 45 days. The speaker in the videos is Mr. Jeffrey Richards who claims to be a well-known marketing expert (though I have first heard of him here) and claims to have had key roles in various focus groups in various famous products and services, as well as in entertainment. He has been hired by the Equinox Software developers due to his expertise and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

By joining the 2015 focus group you will gain access not only to the software but to extra information provided by the software by means of 24/7 support from professional brokers and traders. You will have 90 days to create a financial system for yourself through the software and have a potential of earning $20,000 or more during the focus group.

When the focus group is complete you will be given a questionnaire about your experience and your access to the Equinox software will be stopped. So basically, this is only a limited time option and you will not be able to continue trading with the software once the focus group is over as it is not available to the public just yet. The idea of the focus group is to test the system, evaluate its ability in making a high number of ITM trades, and in turn, helping people earn a bit of money online in the meantime.

Now, do I really believe this? Honestly, I am having a hard time as it all looks like any other binary options software program, only, with a twist. Is it really possible to make that much money from it? Not sure honestly.

What is the Equinox Trading Software?

There really aren’t any major differences between this and other trading software I have come by. It’s more or less the same setup and just scanning over the official website of the Binary interceptor which leads you to the software is like déjà vu, identical to all the other websites I have visited, only this one’s focal point is that it’s masked as a focus group.

Binary interceptor Equinox Software Advantages

I have read into a number of third part websites to see if I can find some genuine reviews or even comments. Unfortunately, the internet is overflowing with paid feedback that it’s hard to find anything real. I did find several people from the previous focus group and some of them gave pretty decent feedback. They didn’t become millionaires, but this system does not promise that anyway. They did earn some money, not a LOT, but enough to be happy. Also, Jeffrey Richards claims to have tried it and said that he is very happy with the software, but who believes him? He is paid to do this isn’t he?

In general, the idea is to help you give you a financial start for a more secure future. It is not a long-term commitment, and you decide how much you want to invest. The question is: How much do you invest and how much can you afford to lose? You should always ask it in this way as losing is a big part of trading binary options.

I did find some of the legitimate and trustworthy (so far at least) 3rd party websites that review binary options software to have also written quite positive reviews of this system. I was surprised to find that many did not claim it to be a scam and have shown positive numbers during their tests. You can either trade manually or by using their equinox automated robot that does the trading for you. This makes the system suitable for anyone regardless of their experience. They claim that over the past 10 years and during the last focus group they never went below 79% win rate which is quite impressive if it’s true.

In the focus group the Equinox trading software will be used which was initially developed in order to boost the number of winning trades on the Binary interceptor. By increasing winning trades and attracting more participants to trade on a daily basis the Stock Market gets more stable thus boosting national economy which is also an interesting benefit of the software.

All of this is claimed by the official website, but is it really true? From my experience this sort of information is highly exaggerated in order to lure more people. Though that doesn’t necessarily make it a scam, I do want to make sure you do not have very high expectations and be ready to be happy even with small wins in the beginning.

Disadvantages of the Binary interceptor?

Aside from it being a binary options software? Well, there are several things that stick out. First, their marketing is way off. Though they are not as aggressive as the numerous other websites I have reviewed in the past, they still try to make claims that are not 100% guaranteed, yet they try and make it look as if it’s guaranteed. They do try and note that profit may vary depending on deposit amount and amount of trading, but everything else that they say in the website and the videos screams the opposite.

In general, I have found that many of these websites seem shady mainly because they are simply not honest. Yes, there is a lot of competition, but why do like the competition and lie when you can simply state the truth. Don’t try and sell them the software but present them with the facts. The website has numerous problems including unclickable “certificate” images that cannot be confirmed, shady and obviously fake testimonials (surely if you search the image you will find it sold in some stock photo website), and in general the whole setup with the video that cannot be manipulated in any way except be paused. These are all worn out tactics by the hundreds of other similar websites out there. This is the only thing that drives me nuts with this website, aside from that, seems quite legit considering the numerous reviews (honest ones) that I have read.

In Conclusion…If you have $200 why not?

Of course, as with all others they press you with time. The difference is that considering that the focus group is for 90 days there is no start or end date. There is no information about time at all, only that you should sign up now while there are still available spots. I think that the Binary interceptor may give you an opportunity to work with a possibly effective binary options trading software, but remember, do not invest money you are not ready to lose as it is always a gamble with the stock market.

neo2 software complaints

I was on a mission to find a binary options system and thought I had found it with Neo2 software. Before I continue, I want to note that I have had no experience with binary options but heard about them through a friend that was discussing it one time when we were out. Of course, what I did next is what lead me to my major losses. I decided to go online and pick one of the numerous systems out there to jump into. I thought they were all the same. After checking out several different websites and realizing they all look the same and say the same thing I picked the last one I visited and that was this one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t read any reviews or read more into binary options and how many scams are out there. I simply thought that it all depends on your and regardless, all systems seemed the same so it didn’t really matter what I decided to stick with. Boy was I wrong.

What is the Neo2 software System?

This is a binary options platform as any other. You sign up with them for free, as the platform itself is free as with all other scams out there, and then invest. Of course, they don’t mention anything about the investment part or that there is a minimum. They actually mention nothing about the process in general.

Once you sign up you have to select one of the brokers that they work with. You can only choose a broker you have not worked with before as you have to be a new customer to them. This is because systems like these earn their money through referrals, which is why they are free. The more people they refer to these brokers the more they make. They don’t make money when you do, they don’t care of you make any money at all or lose your entire investment. They make money regardless. After that you invest their minimum amount which is anywhere from $200-250, I say this because I have noticed that the price changes every once in a while.

Once you have deposited your money you never hear from them, you do not get the support which they claim you will receive, and you lose all your money. It is only then that you hear from them, once, in order to convince you to try your luck again because you had lost your money due to a glitch or because you did not follow some sort of instructions which they insist is the reason you were not successful. Then, you are left alone with your pockets empty.

Why is the Neo2 software System a Scam?

Starting from the homepage you realize you are not provided with any information.

All you get is a video. These videos are actually what convinced me to join their system. It not only offers plenty of improbable information which, if you are not acquainted with such scams is easily believed, but unlike other similar videos you can go back and forth in the video allowing you to really process the information.

They don’t talk about the actual system but rather about a training which will take place and you will learn how to trade, when to trade, and what to trade. This of course, is great information, but can be easily found without the need to sign up for similar websites. Also, this information is not guaranteed to help you win, trust me, I have been down this road and I lost it all.

Overall, the website provides little to no information except for the video. I tried to dig up something but even their sign-up button doesn’t work anymore. The only links within the WordPress website that still work are in the Members Menu and you are continuously asked to log in. Obviously, my login information no longer works so I can further dig to provide you with some decent screenshots of what they offer.

What Others are Saying

Finding legitimate information about this website has been nearly impossible. Unfortunately, it has the same name as another similar website which offers more or less similar promises but it is completely different. In turn, you are left wondering exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Most of the websites I visited that offered “genuine” reviews were far from that. The titles of their reviews described the website as a scam but when you read into it you realize you have been suckered in yet again with claims that this really is the system that does wonders and makes you rich. Obviously they are doing one thing right, paying a lot of people a lot of money to do great marketing so they can steal your money.

I found one or two genuine reviews and comments from which I discovered exactly what I had experienced, complete and total loss of time and money. The system is a joke and we are those that are being laughed at.

In Conclusion

Don’t fall for this system. I have since visited the website and for some reason you are not able to sign up for it anymore by clicking the button to the right. Perhaps they have been outed and have stopped taking in new customers, perhaps it’s a bug. Either way, steer clear and don’t get lured into this crap.

I have since tried to contact them to try and figure out what really went wrong. After speaking with them about my initial loss I was so frustrated that I just hung up after they got too pushy requesting that I invest again. Unfortunately, since then I have either been hung up on or disconnected while I spoke with a representative the moment that I start mentioning that I feel that I have been scammed.

Overall, if you ask me, don’t fall for it as I did. Stay away from the Neo2 software scam!


The market is full of male enhancement pills, creams, and patches like the latest Testadrox supplement. This is a multimillion industry after all getting a nice big paycheck from the low self-esteem of men. When there is so much money involved it is impossible to avoid some of the unscrupulous companies and people that are trying to take full advantage of the possibility to make a quick buck. Of course there are legitimate male enhancement products on the market but how to determine if the one you are looking at is one of them.

I have done years of research when it comes to male enhancement and have come across numerous such scams that people continue to buy into time and again.

Fake Reviews on Amazon

Of course everyone knows Amazon, it’s a great place to buy anything from the convenience of your own home. You usually find the best price for it and have a plethora of reviews to read up on from presumably real customers. Unfortunately, at this time Testadrox is not available on Amazon so there is no way to actually dig deep and find some reviews but there are plenty of other male enhancement supplements with plenty of shady reviews.

Just open up any one of these products and you can easily pick out those fake reviews. Each of them claims that the product is more than impressive and offer riveting testimonies about how that specific male enhancement supplement has change their life. Nearly all reviews are nothing short of amazing, spectacular, impressive, and completely life-changing.

Select any one of the users that have left a comment. Then check what else they have “reviewed” and you will get a clear idea that they actually work for the company or are paid writers. Their profile will either have no other reviews and it has been created just minutes before they wrote the review or if they have done other reviews they were on other products that the same company is selling.

I like to go by the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is”. Of course, Amazon tries to keep track of these and limit them but there is no way for them to determine which is real and which is fake and this is why it is absolutely necessary to stay focused and keep your eyes opened to possible fake reviews.

“Free Trial” Offers Like the One Offered by Testadrox

Again, back to the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true then it isn’t”. Everyone wants to try out a product before actually paying full price for it. They make it sound as if you really do get a free trial and you can’t possibly pass it up.

What I have discovered with supplements like Testadrox is that when they say that they are going to give you a “Free Trial” or a “Sample Offer” then it most likely is for a very short and very set period of time. After that, if you do not call and cancel you are charged an outrageous amount which you were not previously made aware of. This is usually how it goes:

  1.  Find an “amazing” product that claims to change your life like Testadrox. It will work wonders and they are so confident that you will fall in love and order they will give you a free sample to prove how great it is.
  2. It doesn’t take much, simply add your shipping information and fill out their billing form. You don’t even pay for the full shipping. Just pay anywhere between $4-$5 shipping and you will receive your trial.
  3. A few days later you receive your “free sample”. You read the instructions and start taking it immediately eager to see results but in the end you realize it may not be what you are looking for. You have nothing to lose but the $5 you paid for shipping right?
  4. About a month later you decide to check your bank account and realize you have been charged not only the $5 for shipping but an outrageous price of $139.97 like what Testadrox charges for their product.

Pretty scary surprise right? Of course, the first thing you do is give them a call. What I have realized from many of the reviews and comments (the few that I have found that are  negative among the spam of positive) is that by the time they realize that they have been scammed they cannot find the contact information for the company they have ordered from. The website has either disappeared altogether or they did not keep the information and cannot find the website offering their product. If you were smart and wrote down their contact phone number you call them and ask for a refund. You argue, fight, scream, but to no avail, they are well trained and listen to this all day long. So, now you are out anywhere between $90 and $140 for a product you did not even continue taking. I have found some cases where men have lost a lot more than that as they did not realize they had been charged for several months before they checked their account.

I have found this to be especially true with the numerous “combo offers” or offers combining two supplements claiming to increase penis size or muscle in less than just a month. I have tried them all and have not found one that actually works the way they claim. Actually, the only thing that really happens is that instead of being charged for one product you end up being charged for two.

Supplements Marketed by Porn Stars

I will not name anyone but there has been one quite popular porn star that has been marketing male enhancement supplements for quite some time now. You must have seen plenty of ads with him all over the porn sites, not a looker for sure. They claim that he has “spilled the beans” about how he has made it in the industry in a tell-all website and promotes a number of products that he claims really work.

He’s a porn star, why wouldn’t you believe him? He made it in the industry with his big Johnson why would you not trust him when it comes to real quality male enhancement products. Unfortunately, if you look further into his past you will realize that the products he no longer advertises but has in the past are actually being bashed on his website now. What will happen in a year or in several months when the current supplement drops him?

Unfortunately, most likely, like most porn stars, he has not used any male enhancement supplements and I am almost 99% sure that all of his blogs and all of his recommendations are just paid jobs.

 “Secret Trick” for Penis Growth

I have to say, I was quite angry when at one point they were advertising a “miracle trick to boost penis size”. They actually claim that if you drink grapefruit juice with a given male enhancement pill you will get a super huge penis. This in itself sounds absolutely absurd! Found a quick article on it too.

Another hilarious “trick” is what they call penis confusion. It’s basically confusing your penis by switching your routine with exercises for penis enlargement which will lead to better results. Really!?

What they mean is that you have to confuse your penis by doing strange and random things during penis exercises to get results. Unfortunately it is impossible to confuse your penis as it is not a muscle and regardless how you try to confuse it, it will not respond any different.

Products with Illegal Ingredients and Counterfeit Supplements

One of the leading problems in the pharmaceutical industry is counterfeit. Today it has become a major problem not only with supplements for male enhancement but for prescription medications as well. One of the first red flags is if you find a product you are looking for at a much lower price than the original then most likely it is a fake. Regardless the price, I always recommend you buy from the manufacturer direct or from a well-respected and trusted retailer.

Another problem that I have noticed is that many of the supplements upon testing showed that they had illegal ingredients added in order to increase effectiveness. Many of the supplements for male enhancement has been found to contain Sildenafil which is illegal added and an active ingredient in popular medications like Viagra.

Of course this is done so their supplement “works”. Unfortunately Sildenfil and similar ingredients have a range of side effects that can interact with a number of medications and are not allowed in supplements. This is also the same reason why you need a prescription to purchase products that contain this ingredient and similar ingredients after seeing a doctor.

Contamination and E Coli Poisoning from Products

The quality of many of the ingredients is considerably low as the various supplements source in third world countries. Why is this? In the US there are very strict regulations over the methods that farmers use to grow their crops and this means that this tight regulation leads to testing which is formal and informal to ensure the grade of quality.

This same grade and standard of quality is not met in other countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and other countries where they outsource. Actually, many of the ingredients used in such supplements are sourced in regions around the world that don’t even have water let along a set strict measure or standard to ensure quality products.

There have been a number of supplements found to contain a number of harmful contaminants such as E coli and dangerous levels of germanium, coltsfoot, and bitter orange. This not only causes a number of side effects such as fever, diarrhea, and vomiting but in rare cases may even cause death.

What Ingredients Actually Work

Erectile dysfunction is a problem for men for thousands of years, it’s not a new discovery. There are some ingredients that have proven to show some positive effects when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Though there is no guarantee they are 100% effective, they have been used in the past for this specific purpose and they have shown some signs of improvement.

  • Epimedium
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Niacin
  • Tribulus
  • Maca
  • Saw Palmetto
  • L-Arginine

I am happy to find at least some of the ingredients listed in Testadrox have made the list, but this is not enough to convince me that it is really an effective supplement. This is something that will have to be tried in order to be confirmed.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately the supplement I was considering, Testadrox has leaned more towards being a scam than effective supplement. Perhaps as a supplement in itself it is effective but the manufacturers certainly make it difficult to trust. Make sure you read all provided information before purchasing a supplement. Do proper research and look for the red flags which are telltale signs of a scam.

I have found that 1 in every 3 supplements I have looked at are most likely scams. Unfortunately they make it very difficult to actually buy something without worrying about whether you will be charged absurd amounts of money or poisoned with low quality ingredients. Somewhere out there you will find quality supplements for male enhancement but unfortunately you will have to do some real searching among the numerous scams available.

Just follow some of the key rules I have noted above and hopefully you will quickly learn to catch scams I their tracks and not fall for them ever again. The most important thing is to speak with your physician before you take any supplement, including Testadrox.


Zynev- Fast Results Guaranteed +

Nowadays up to 90% males having problem with their sex power in which about 50% having this problem because of their age and other 40% have destroyed their male power because of certain reasons like unhealthy or unbalance diet plan or because of some other health issues but doesn’t matter why all this happen to them but because it is quite shameful act for them so for getting their male power restore they are trying different products regularly so that they could perform sex drive more perfectly with good erection power easily. Here we have Zynev, the best male power boosting dietary supplement which can provides you multi-male benefits at a time and through doing research on this dietary supplement I come to know this product provides everyone very good length along with amazing hardness and stamina level naturally so you not need to worry at all because today if you having problem regarding poor erection or sperms quality then all such male problem issues along with heights of energy can be gain easily through the natural way by taking Zynev product as per its directions.

I have met with number of males who have been taking Zynev regularly, frankly speaking not even single user complain about its effectiveness which was quite impressive for me because before this research I have made lots of researches and surveys on different male poor boosting supplements and there are many kinds of complaints people mentioned in their survey charts so it was quite different experience in which I found 100% effectiveness from the customer side and after that I decide to dig out the reasons and during all my experiments I come to know that Zynev is 100% natural male enhancement supplement which is more safe and effective as per its clinical reports. Further the interesting this I found about Zynev that it is made in the USA and today according to experts it is on the top ranking all because of its effectiveness.

Zynev, The Key Points

During all my clinical survey about this male using formula I come to know about these three key points regarding its officials mentioned many times not only by officials but also by the laboratories that this male enhancing product having power to provides 3 amazing benefits to everyone regarding almost every male looking for. If you have experience to visit the official webpage of Zynev then you will have information about these outstanding benefits in detail,

•    Size- First of all females prefer the male having sex organ in good size so people who not having these natural blessings today they should not be worry anymore because getting penis bigger is not remain impossible today and everyone can get it bigger through the natural way. We have Zynev the best size increasing product which can provide you the best size within minimum time period

•    Stamina- lots of products available in market which claim to increase the penis size but they not even claim to provide you best sexual stamina but today we have this multi-action male supplement which can provides you an ideal sexual stamina you always wished for because its active nutrients having ability to maximize your overall sex organ erection and can makes your sex timing high so that you could give pleasure to your partner for longer time period so its sexual stamina increasing aspect will prove more beneficial for you in making you sexual powerful

•    Hardness- third and the last stage you will become able to get your penis harder overall and your erection power will naturally reach to its extreme level naturally. Keep in mind without penis hardness your penis size and stamina is useless because without getting organ harder you will not be able to perform properly with your girl and your size will not enable you to provides such pleasure that your partner deserves so if you are taking Zynev then it will not a problem for you because you will naturally get the best hardness and your penis will become able to perform amazingly

Information about Sample Pack

This sample pack is being given to the customers for displaying the effectiveness, as well as the quality of this male enhancing product. This offer will enable you to try this remarkable male power enhancing program easily by giving quite easily and relevant to your basic information like your first and last name along with your stress address and city. Further for complete address verification it will ask you for your Zip code and because its offers are being claimed worldwide so that’s why you have to mention your country name as well along with State name so that its shipment could be proceeds properly. Further, they will ask for your Email and Phone etc so that they could call back to you in case of any issue. Keep in mind these all information will remain secure at its server and let me tell you something more about its information cell that its server can not be excesses by any external user so feel free while giving your information to 100% secure server which will makes your profile so that you could checked the status of your application easily or in case if you change your mind before shipment then you will able to cancel your shipment through your profile easily.

Its officials mentioned that they are giving away 300 trials or sample pack to the people each day so it could take some time for shipment because of high demands. No doubt its officials are very much busy in making deliveries for its sample packs. So send your order now before it’s too late because this sample pack offer is for the limited time and its manufacturers can close this offer anytime.

Try Enduros Today Because

According to its makers, this product can make you the real man within very short time and through the natural way easily. I have checked all its benefits which everyone can gain easily from its clinical reports and I decide to share those aspects in my review as well so that you guys could know that through taking Zynev product you can be,

•    You can be Passionate

•    You can be Alpha Male

•    You can be Confidant

•    You can be Desirable

How does Enduros work for you?

It is clinically proven that Zynev product can provide you ability to give your women the intense long lasting orgasms which normally they crave or deserves from a male. Zynev not only deal in increasing your stamina in bed but this product is produced rock and for making your erection long lasting and also for intensify male climax overall. There will not remain any sort of issue regarding your sexual power in your body after start taking Zynev supplement because this dietary product is 100% natural and can all its herbs are extract from the natural ways. Further there found lots of amazing vitamins and herbs in Zynev so that’s why it not only deal with sexual stamina but it also can provide you heights of male climax and can provide you better penis size easily so that you could remain youthful and can provide the best performance pleasure to your partner more easily and effectively.

No Prescription & Doctor Needed

Like normally for buying any sort of medication we need to get some prescription from the doctor side first because without prescription not any medical store gives us our required medicine but Zynev is a prescription free product because it is natural and risk-free product and can be used more easily because of its natural effectiveness so that’s why you not need to consult any doctor at all because Zynev is made by 100% natural herbs and everyone can take it more easily. As you know if you have any sort of problem regarding your health then for getting medication you have to consult with doctor first and after that you become able to buy any medicine from store because of its prescription but Zynev is free from all these tensions because clinical reports prove its effectiveness and mentioned clearly that Enduros work with the chemistry of your own body and its ability to generate the tissues in your body help you produce your penis longer, wider as well as stronger overall so that your penis could remain perfect overall.

Key Ingredients

It has been proven clinically that every Enduros capsule contain the collection of the no1 size enhancement and libido production ingredients which all are extracted from the natural world. Further lots of laboratories and research field have proven that its exclusive male enhancement formula is packed with 100% lab approved and natural ingredients which are purely natural and all its natural blends are quite sustainable and effective for maximizing the formulation of male power in the male body naturally. Its officials mentioned that details about key ingredients which make this male enhancing products no1 among others and its exclusive ingredients are the best and very rarely available around us. Let me clear you one more thing about its herbs that there are lots of additional vitamins and powerful ingredients available in Zynev which are very much helpful for making it useful and effective for everyone. Now let me discuss its key ingredients in detail here so that you guys could know them and could verify their effectiveness itself by using internet or by visiting any health expert easily,

•    Epimedium

•    Lepidium Meyenii

•    Macuna Gigantea

•    Polypodium Vulgare

•    Tongkat Ali

•    Saw Palmetto

•    L-Arginine

•    Panax Ginseng

Order Enduros & Regain your Sex Life

Its official confidence level is high about its effectiveness so that’s why they are offering sample pack offer which is 100% risk-free chance for all newcomers for checking its effectiveness. Further you can easily get back your sex life naturally without bearing any harsh problem to your internal system overall because Zynev is giving 100% results to all its customers and till today we didn’t found any single customer who complains against its effectiveness. Further, you will get the best girth along with the length by taking its dose in time within very short time because this product enable you get all these outcomes easily. Today restoring back the youthful power is not a big deal because Zynev has been formulated recently which can make you sexually powerful within couple of weeks and your order will not go waste of time or money for you so the only recommendation I will give to you regarding this supplement is to continue its dose until you reached your targeted sexual size, stamina and hardness.

Best New Enhancement Formula

According to officials they have spend their lots of precious time in the research for knowing the product effectiveness overall and today they formulate this non-prescription male enhancing product which can be order easily from its website by giving few information to its officials easily. Further don’t you ever think that Zynev is also chemical made or made by artificial compounds male enhancing product easily which can be bought very safely. While ordering for Zynev, you should be very much confident overall because its capsules are packed with best powers which can restore your sexual abilities naturally within very short time. Further its manufacturers create this formula for multi purposes regarding I have explained in key points portion in detail like Zynev is can be declared only male enhancement supplement but it provides you heights of sexual pleasure easily within short time. Further, it doesn’t come with unwanted effects or side effects overall so be confident while taking its dose because it will ultimately make you sexually healthy overall properly. Further the most active ingredients detail which I have mentioned in its key ingredients are also quite exclusive and rarely available everyone, it is proven simply that there is no any other product till today found during my research about male enhancing products which contain such heights of natural and risk-free ingredients which can provide maximum benefits. I have firmed believe in its new male enhancing product and everyone can get it back without leaving any negative impact on your internal health. According to officials if you interested in getting intense erection then Zynev will prove very right for you because its doses fully packed with amazing components and you will naturally get back your bed abilities easily within very short time.

Real People, Real Testimonials

During the research about effectiveness of Zynev, I met with different males online and individually face to face as well for knowing the effectiveness of this male enhancing product because I have decided recently that I will not do experience by paying for any other male sexual power boosting supplement because I had already spent lots of time and money for them so I decide to ask the users who are currently taking some sexual power increasing products so regarding I found best satisfactory outcomes then I will also go for that product. So while searching the effectiveness of Zynev, I found lots of reviews from real people in my real life as well as from online testimonials and the best thing among those reviews which makes me shocked that all of its reviews are positive and its every customer declare it the best male enhancement product. Here for your satisfaction I am going to share some real people reviews which I found from testimonials side,

  • Without Synthetic Ingredients & Side Effects- these are the keywords which are given by Jeff Wieland who belongs to NYC. Further he explain that “I have tried lots of food supplements for male enhancement and most of them were chemical additives as well as non-natural blends but today I am really impressed by the Zynev since I get its bottle because I gains all those amazing outcomes I was looking for. All this becomes possible because of its synthetic ingredients which are 100% risk-free and free from side effects as well.”
  • Endures is Definitely One Heck of a Discovery- this is what Mr. Rob Tyrell explain in its review. Mr. Rob belongs to LA and he said that “Zynev truly is a Swiss Amy Knife for enhancing the male power. By taking its dose, not only my sex equipment gets bigger overall but I last longer in my sex life and provides me the best pop orgasms which make me able to stay longer overall. Zynev is no doubt a heck of discovery in the field of male enhancement supplement industry.”

What Zynev May Provides You?

Its lab approved formula claim to gives you guaranteed results very easily. Its formula can 100% increase your size and pleasure overall and can make you able to perform longer overall with good pleasure. Further, I have studied about its working as well. Further here I am going to share the key points which you can get naturally by taking this multi-action product easily.

•    May Increase Size- This male supplement may increase your penis size overall very quickly through such safe way

•    May Intensify Orgasm- its formula may intensify your orgasm overall naturally without any bad effects

•    May Increase Stamina- its dose packed with the ability to increase male stamina overall so that’s why its officials and clinical reports mentioned that your sex stamina can be increased easily

•    May Improve Erections- without good erections, no one could perform properly in its bed so Zynev may boost your erection powers overall

•    May Last Longer During Sex- its doses makes you able to perform longer duration for you sex drive through the natural way because Zynev is packed with powers which may boost your timing overall

Trial Bottles & Price for Zynev

Note it first that its trial pack can be received easily by paying only shipment fee which is according to agreement only $6,95 which you have to pay for getting trial pack as an agreed customer for getting enrollment on its website. It is their policy that after 12 days you will be charged for $119.93 so if you are happy and satisfied with its working then you not need to do anything because its trial pack is an auto renewal program which will turn to 30 days pack easily within quite lower price I have mentioned already. Further after every 30 days they will send you another fresh 1-month supply in the form of one bottle and will charge your credit card and then shipment charges will be $0.97 only. After 3 months, you will become their exclusive member and will consider their regular member overall.

Keep one thing in mind that if you not happy with its pack then you have to cancel your order within 12 days only because after that its pack will turn into 30 days or one month offer and will charged you full amount for its pack. Further for canceling the enrollment you may call 1-800-955-2209 for free Monday to Friday in working hours.

My unbiased review about Ripped RX No2 Blast

Body building has now become a trend. Every man and especially young guys want to have a muscular and ripped body. In holly wooed movies the hero has a tone and lean body which arouse the desire of having a muscular and strong body in boys. There are many of the body building supplements and other companies which manufacture such body building products in the market which claim that they have the formula to make your muscles hard and strong but after using such body building products this secret is revealed that most of them are fake and locally and ordinary manufactured. It was also my heartiest desire to have a muscular and strong body few months before. I was a business man and had not leisure time to waste on such activities to make my body but my interest of making muscles hard and strong keep raising my desire to have a toned and lean body. Many of my friends also have a muscular body and they also had many of the girl friends but I had not any girl friend because of my bulky volume. My weight was too much bulky and my muscles didn’t make prominent. One of my very close friends advised me that if I want to make my muscle giant in size then there is only one place where I can build my body hard and strong and that place is gym. On his advice I joined a gym and started to take hard and tough exercise. I also increased my diet because according to me diet plays a very important role in the muscle building. I started to take exercise and continue it for few weeks but after few weeks I realized that there is not any remarkable change in my body size and shape but my muscles but by taking excessive diet my weight was too much increased then my gym coach advised me that only by taking hard and strong exercise is not enough to make muscle giant in size but you have to use any body building product. I had not any experience of using any body building supplement but on his advice I bought few of the muscle making supplements and started to use them but after using them for few weeks this secret was revealed on me that the body building products which I am using are locally and ordinary manufactured and they only gave many of side effects and harmful results to my body. I again consulted with a doctor and he suggested me to use Ripped RX No2 Blast. It was a new body building product form me but I like to use it because after using Ripped RX No2 Blast it brought a great change in my health. Ripped RX No2 Blast made my body hard and strong. After using Ripped RX No2 Blast my body muscles are strong and tight and it also made beautiful cuts on my body. if you want to know more about this body building product then you must keep on reading this article.

Explore the Ripped RX No2 Blast

Ripped RX No2 Blast is an advanced and highly developed body building product which is specially manufactured for such people who want to make their body hard, strong and muscular without any hard work. When you are talking about a product which is comprised of fake, negative, harmful and low quality ingredients and convince other people to use that product then you feel shy and shame inside but on the other hand when you are discussing about that product in front of the people which is made up of all natural, herbal, top quality and effective and efficient in result giving ingredients then you feel proud to convince others to use that product. Ripped RX No2 Blast is also belongs to the latter. If we talk about the ingredients which are used in the manufacturing of Ripped RX No2 Blast then we come to know that all of the elements which are made part of this body building product are safe, natural, herbal, result giving and good in use. All the components are unadulterated, pure and of high quality. It is the promise of the creator of Ripped RX No2 Blast with its users that there is not even a single component which is harmful, below the standard, low quality, fake, or injurious to health added in the recipe of this body building product. The producer of this body building product has claimed that Ripped RX No2 Blast is one of those rarely formulated body building supplements which are formulated at GNP certified labs under the command and control of highly trained staff. There are no fillers, binders or any such chemical content is added in the recipe of Ripped RX No2 Blast. There have been accomplished many of the surveys and researches about Ripped RX No2 Blast in which many of the regular consumers of this body building product have registered their comments and reviews and almost each and every person has same remarks that Ripped RX No2 Blast is the best product to use and to make body muscles hard and strong. The most important and peculiar feature of Ripped RX No2 Blast is that it has not any remarkable side effect or harmful effect on the health of the users. Ripped RX No2 Blast is manufactured according to the health standards of USA.

How does it work?

When you talk to anyone about any product then he asked the process of working of that product. There are many locally and ordinary manufactured low quality body building products which are available in the market but their process of working in human body is neither good nor suitable for health. I have been using Ripped RX No2 Blast from last few months and the process of working of Ripped RX No2 Blast is outstanding and first class. I am a business man that’s why I have not leisure time to spend on caring of my health. I ate too much but it was my desire to have a strong and ripped body. When I started to use Ripped RX No2 Blast then after taking it regularly its first dosage brought a great revolution in my body. This body building product first of all demolished all fat and calories of my body which were gathered in different parts of the body and cause of fatness. This fatness was the basic hurdle in making my body muscles more prominent. There was a special ingredient nitric oxide which is used in the recipe of Ripped RX No2 Blast which enhanced the flow of oxygen and blood in my body. In the normal routine a limited amount of oxygen and blood are provided to muscles cells so that they also grow in their limitation but when nitric oxide (no2) provides more quantity of oxygen and blood to my muscles cells then my muscles cells grow in size and become a hard and strong muscles. The energy which is obtained by the burning of fat and calories which were unwanted and unused for me then the energy was given to my body that I’ll not feel any tiredness or weakness during my workout or performing daily routines work.

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Ingredients used in Ripped RX No2 Blast

I have also been using Ripped RX No2 Blast from last few months and I have found that all of the elements which are utilized in the recipe of this body building product are safe, natural, herbal, and good for health, unadulterated, result giving and safe for use. It is the promise of the producer of Ripped RX No2 Blast with its users that there is not even a single component used in the formula of this body building product which is harmful for health, low quality, below the standard and fake. Moreover the producer of this muscle building product also claimed that Ripped RX No2 Blast is one of those rarely manufactured body building supplements which are formulated at GNP certified labs under the command and control of highly trained staff. Only of 100% quality, exclusive and expensive ingredients are allowed to make part of this body building product. There are no fillers binders or any chemical content added in the formula of Ripped RX No2 Blast. The major ingredients which I found in the recipe of Ripped RX No2 Blast are nitric oxide (NO2), minerals and vitamins. have you every noted that the ingredients or elements which are make part of the recipe of others locally and ordinary manufactured body building products are not clearly mentioned on the bottle of the supplement nor on the official website of the product because most of the ingredients which are used in them are fake, harmful for health, injurious for body, low quality and below the standard but on the other hand it is the peculiar feature of Ripped RX No2 Blast that each and every ingredient which is make part of the formula of this muscle building supplement is mentioned on the back side of the bottle of the product and also on the official website of Ripped RX No2 Blast.

Functions of Ripped RX No2 Blast

In this universe when you use any product then it is must that you will get consequences from that supplement. It is another subject of conversation whether you get high-quality results or damaging results from that invention. If you are experiencing a first-class product then it is must that the fallouts and consequences of that supplement on your health will also be good and satisfactory where as if your are experiencing a creation which is comprised of all destructive and adverse to health ingredients then it is sure the results which you will get from this product will also be harmful and bad. I have been using Ripped RX No2 Blast from last few months and I got numerous benefits and advantages of this body building product. the list of the benefits and advantages which I got by using Ripped RX No2 Blast is very long but by keeping in mind the users interest in this body building product now I have decided to mention few of the major advantages of this body building product.

  • After using Ripped RX No2 Blast it made my muscles hard and strong
  • Ripped RX No2 Blast enlarged the size of my muscles
  • After using Ripped RX No2 Blast it reduced my weight by demolishing all fat and calories of my body which were extra and unused for me
  • This body building product gave all the energy to my body which is obtained by the burning of fat and calories
  • It made beautiful cuts on my body
  • After using Ripped RX No2 Blast it enhanced my stamina and strength and made my body more energetic

Any side effects by using Ripped RX No2 Blast

In this universe when you use any product then it is must that you will get consequences from that supplement. It is another subject of conversation whether you get high-quality results or damaging results from that invention. If you are experiencing a first-class product then it is must that the fallouts and consequences of that supplement on your health will also be good and satisfactory where as if your are experiencing a creation which is comprised of all destructive and adverse to health ingredients then it is sure the results which you will get from this product will also be harmful and bad. I have been using Ripped RX No2 Blast from last few months but I never gained even a single side effect or harmful effect of this muscle building product on my health. I am not only a single user who used Ripped RX No2 Blast but many of my friends and foes have also used it but none of them also claimed even a single complaint against this body building product which shows that Ripped RX No2 Blast is very safe and good for use. The reason is that all of the ingredients which are added in the recipe of this body building product are safe, natural and good for health. There is not even a single ingredient which is utilized in the formula of Ripped RX No2 Blast which is below the standard, low quality and fake. The more important feature of this muscle building formula is that Ripped RX No2 Blast is one of those body building products which are formulated at GNP certified labs under the supervision of highly trained staff. You can use Ripped RX No2 Blast without any fear of side effects or harmful effects on your health and enjoy its blessings on you.


Other people opinion

  • Mr. Joe says that he has been using Ripped RX No2 Blast from last few months. He says that he had a desire to become a light weight champion which was only be fulfilled by this body building product. He says that he used many others locally and ordinary manufactured body building supplements which claimed too much about themselves but after using them he only got many of side effects and harmful results from those body building products. When doctors advised him to use Ripped RX No2 Blast then he was not expecting that this body building product can change its whole life. When he started to use this muscle building product then after few weeks of regular use it made my muscle giant in size and also made my body lean and muscular.
  • Mr. Denial says that he never used such a great and amazing body building product every in his life. He says that when he used Ripped RX No2 Blast then he had fear in his heart that after using this body building product may be he get any side effect or harmful result from it but he was too much surprised by seeing that after using Ripped RX No2 Blast he didn’t get any of side effect or harmful effect on his body. he say that after using this muscle building product it enhanced the strength and stamina in his body and along with making muscles lean and chiseled it also made beautiful cuts on his body.

Alternative solutions

I am using this supplement for last few months and I am very satisfied from this supplement because Ripped RX No2 Blast is pure and natural supplement which shows no bed impact on your body and makes your body like your desire. There are some alternative solutions for those people where Ripped RX No2 Blast is not available or they are not satisfied with the results of Ripped RX No2 Blast.

  • You can also build your muscles hard and strong by using joining gym
  • By taking steroids you can also building your muscle giant in size

The problems in the product

As you know that Ripped RX No2 Blast is very safe and natural product and its formula suits with everyone but as it is a supplement so that it might be show some problems to some people. But you don’t need to be tense and still use Ripped RX No2 Blast.

  • After using this muscle building product you might feel headache
  • After using Ripped RX No2 Blast your blood pressure might be increased but you still use this muscle building product and after few days your body will be matched with it

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  • Safest formula
  • Purity guaranteed
  • Having zero deterrence
  • Not complicated in use


  • Only suggested by its own doctors
  • You must need to be consult with the doctor before using it for every time

My final opinion

I have been using Ripped RX No2 Blast from last few months. It gave me many of the advantages and benefits but I never gained even a single side effect or harmful effect of this body building product on my health. So in my final opinion Ripped RX No2 Blast is the best product for use and I recommend everyone to use it.

Doctor’s recommendation

It has now become a trend that the product which is suggested or recommended by the doctor is considered to be the safest and good product and people try to get that product instead of any other. Many of the doctors and gym coaches have now recommend Ripped RX No2 Blast to the people who want to make their muscles hard and strong. Ripped RX No2 Blast has now become the doctor’s number one choice. Ripped RX No2 Blast has now become the top selling body building product in the market and people like to get this body building product instead of any locally or ordinary manufactured body building supplement because they know that there is the only product which can give them relief and good results and that supplement is  Ripped RX No2 Blast.

Things to be keep in mind

  • Ripped RX No2 Blast is not certified from FDA
  • This body building supplement is strictly prohibited to use for the children or the people under the age of 18 years
  • Women also avoid using Ripped RX No2 Blast
  • Always try to keep the bottle of this body building product at cool and dry place

Easy in use

Ripped RX No2 Blast is very easy and uncomplicated in use. It is presented to you in the tablet form and there are 60 capsules in one bottle of this body building product. You are directed to get one capsule two times a day.

Where it is available?

Ripped RX No2 Blast can be only available from its official website.